Hush@Community: Silence. Self Care. Stories.


"Quiet yet a very powerful experience!", "Tranquility", "Transition", "Introspective", "Wisdom", "Love", "Empathy", "Gratitude", "Renewed Connectedness", "Heartwarming"

See more inspiring stories shared by participants below. Come join us for another series of Hush@Community where we invite you to break down walls of social-economic class and challenge the notion of disAbility to bring people of all walks of life together as one - to sit in silence, listen to your hearts and share your personal stories with everyday heroes and business leaders/professionals alike, with a cup of our TeaMoods.

Imagine. What stories are shared between bankers, cleaners, social workers, designers, caregivers, single mothers, migrant workers, architects, retirees, ex-offenders? In silence.

Hush@Community: Silence. Self Care. Stories.

Come join the community. Get inspired!
Rewrite your narrative with Hush storytelling TeaMoods with this 'Same Same But Different' Hush Experiential Inclusion with busy Executives, Everyday Heroes and our Deaf TeaRistas.

: 2 Dec 2017 | Time: 3pm

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555

Business executives/professionals: $50 ($53.44 including booking fees)

Everyday Heroes (cleaners, caregivers, migrant workers, security guards, single parent on financial assistance, retirees, ex-offenders, etc)

Limited Capacity: Only 20 seats available for you as business executives/professionals.
(20 seats are reserved for everyday heroes)*

*We are looking for sponsors for our everyday heroes as well. $1,000 for 20 of them ($50 each) to share space in silence and solidarity with you to share their stories, and for you to share yours. Please let us know if you would like to be a friend of our everyday heroes. It'll help Hush immensely too. Thank you.

[Group discount of 10% available for 5 or more. If you are looking for larger group bookings, please contact us at hush@hushteabar.com or call Ningpei at 9117 9092 for any queries.]

Interesting, sensory experience especially silence. Provoke some meaningful reflection and connection during the sharing session. Shifted perception on "inclusiveness", and some useful phrases to sign with others. The deaf friends were excellent!
- Kenny Toh (Business
Leader, Director - Bridge Partnership Asia

"I had flashbacks of memories when I was in critical condition from a spinal surgery - I felt so relieved when I first saw my mum! It was both humbling and an honour to be at the Hush tea session today, plucking up the courage to strike up a conversation. My first Hush Experience really taught me to be thankful for every ordeal, grateful for everyone that entered my life especially my family. It also taught me to celebrate the milestones in life and continue to stay strong and march on. Though I may be struggling with independence but as long as I believe, I will eventually reach it."
- Agnes Tung (Everyday Hero - suffers from a rare disorder, Mucopolysaccharidoses, works in a social enterprise)

Great! I wasn’t actually getting fully in touch with my emotions even though the inner reflection exercise but I found myself fully emoting even to the point of tears through the drawing. I personally panicked of the lack of session when i first put on the earplugs but it was very calming after a while. - Nicolatte Tan (Business Leader, Prime Minister's Office)

"Had my first Hush@Community experience and it was amazing. Spent some 40 over minutes in silence with ear plugs in my ears, eyes closed, and letting the smell and taste of a warm cup of tea guide me in my reflection of gratitude. Lots of uncanny coincidences - I was assigned to the "Leaf" table (the idea of "leaf" was going to be a feature in my upcoming team retreat), the strangers who sat next to me have someone in their immediate family whom they are providing care for, and finally, when I pulled a random card out of a deck as a post-event takeaway, the message resonated very much with my favorite quote "This, too, shall pass". Thanks Hush for creating this and for having me in this space! We must propagate this!"
Terence Quek (Business Leader - CEO, Emergenetics Asia Pacific)

"When I first came to the session, I didn't know what to do or say, but when the Deaf TeaRistas helped me to communicate without saying anything but just in sign language - I enjoyed the expression. The longer I stayed, the more I understand, and how to communicate with different people with different status. I felt the love and respect. And learnt how to sign a lot of things that I wanted to share with others! It was my first time to attend this kind of event, it was an amazing experience! Big hugs to the Hush@Community team!
- Airis Valdez (Everyday Hero - Domestic Worker)

"Being a caregiver for Wenjie who has X-linked Andrenoleukodystrophy, is bedridden and needs round the clock care, I give whatever time I have to him and the family. Being part of this experience with Hush@Community provides me with that quiet space to sharpen my caregiving focus whilst allowing me the opportunity to reconnect with the society. This brings back that little Sanity for me."
- Phua Wee Seng (Business Leader cum Everyday Hero - Caregiver)

“A few months ago, my team and I went through a reflective two hours led by "TeaRistas" from Singapore Deaf Community. We emerged with a sense of gratitude, empathy and renewed connectiveness. I repeated the experience last weekend with my wife along with some of Singapore's everyday heroes. Highly recommended."
- Paul Cobban (Business Leader - COO, DBS)

"My experience with Hush TeaBar was extremely awesome. It was the first time I can feel all alone, quiet, peace & sadness. When I closed my eyes, I can see who were there with me throughout my journey of ups & down and happiest moment. I felt so relived after the quiet reflection & I realised that there’s so much Love around me. I never felt like this before. It’s my best experience! Thank you Hush TeaBar!!"
- Single Mother (Everyday Hero - Daughters of Tomorrow)

Spread the word, forward to your friends and colleagues who may benefit from the experience.


The World's 1st Silent TeaBar.
A social movement to bring the worlds of hearing and non-hearing together.

Rush to Hush.
Champion for us and spread the word. Bring your family, friends and colleagues.
Bring us to your Workplace and/or your Community. So more can hush with us and more jobs can be created for our deaf partners.

Hush in a Box. A Gift of Silence.
An all-in-one-kit to stage a mini Hush experience in the comfort of your home, or anywhere, anytime. Listen to the quiet of your heart over and over again. 8 unique items + 1 mystery gift.
Top it up with a personalised message for someone special.

Hush TeaMoods. A Conscious Gift.
In advocacy for Deafness and Wellness, 5 of our TeaRistas champion our currently available TeaMoods. Our national and original tea blends hail from the beautiful hills of Sri Lanka, handpicked with love and signed off with our TeaRistas' personal stories of romance, tranquility, intimacy, quirkiness and robustness.

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Sat Dec 2, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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